A place where you can find free data resources for Earth System Science research, As a China Node of Geographic Information Sharing Network in the HKH Region, This site mainly host datasets from China. you can also find dataset harvested from other nodes.

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Featured Data Resources

Dataset of land use(1:100,000) of Henan Province(2003)
  • Landsat images(MSS 1972-1980, TM 1987-1996, ETM 1999-2008) of China
  • MODIS images(2002-2006) and products(NDVI, temperature, moisture, evaporation) of China
  • Aero photograph(about 1970) of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China
Resources and environment spatial database of China(1,000,000 scale)
  • Digital relief
  • Land use and land cover
  • Land resources
  • Wetland
  • Desert …
China natural resources and socioeconomic statistic database
  • Historical population distribution dataset from Han dynasty to founding the republic of china
  • Natural resources (water, land, climate, biology, etc) dataset of China from 1949-2005
  • Regional development and socioeconomic (agriculture, industry, tourism, GDP, employment, etc.) dataset of China from 1949-2005
Cryosphere thematic database
  • Glacier distribution data of China and adjacent regions, China glacier catalogue and typical glacier long-term observation data
  • China long time series daily snow dataset
  • Permafrost dataset including permafrost distribution map of China and adjacent regions, permafrost observation data of Qinghai-Tibet highway and railway and permafrost scientific experimental data, etc.
Chinese modern precipitation and climate element grid database
  • Integrated modern precipitation monitoring data of 1181 stations from 1841 to 1949
  • Collected observation data of countrywide observatories from 1950 to 2005, processed into spatial grid datasets which include average accumulated temperature, aridity, precipitation, temperature, humidity index
Chinese typical regions thematic database
  • Long time scientific expedition, observation and research dataset of Qinghai-Tibet plateau
  • Paleoclimate, paleoenvironment , soil erosion and water-soil conservation dataset of Loess plateau
  • Mountain disaster and sustainable development of southwest China
  • Agriculture resources and ecological environment of northeast china
  • Coastal and delta (Yangtze, Huanghe and Zhujiang delta) long time observation and scientific research dataset
Polar thematic database
  • All Chinese scientific expedition dataset of polar which include 22 times Antarctic expeditions and 2 times arctic expeditions
  • Long time observation dataset of Chinese Great Wall and Zhongshan stations
  • Antarctic subject datasets including basic spatial map, seawater chemic properties data, regular weather observation data, solar terrestrial physics data, microorganism data of Antarctic and so on
Solar terrestrial space environment database
  • Solar terrestrial space environment satellite including ACE satellite, SOHO satellite, FY satellite, Shenzhou spaceship observation dataset
  • Solar terrestrial land observation dataset and products. All stations of State Big Science Project of China-Meridian Project are integrated
  • Disaster weather events dataset
Global change and regional response integrated database
  • Aerosol spatio-temporal change dataset based on MODIS images
  • Ground aerosol properties observation dataset from 64 northeast Asia stations of AERONET (AErosol RObotic NETwork)
  • Climate change simulation dataset of China in different scenarios(HADCM2, CGCM and HADCM3)
  • Chinese Water resources and security of main basins, carbon balance of main eco-regions and vegetation change under global climate change

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